Auditr is a web-based service that provides you with full control over the ‘Audit Loop’. The application will enable your organisation to:

  • Collect data – using a PC or a mobile device (for example, an iPad);
  • Report information – in ways that make your audit data meaningful and useful;
  • Take action – so that your audits result in continual improvement.

Your organisation’s audits, reports and actions are kept secure within an Auditr account. You decide who can gain access  – employees, suppliers, partners or customers. You can also make some or all of your audits and surveys, and reports, publicly available. The choice is yours.

Technical knowledge is not required to manage your Auditr account because the Auditr team do all of that for you – leaving you free to create effective audits while avoiding any impact on your hard-pressed IT department.

Data Collection

Auditr makes it simple for you to collect audit data using a PC or a mobile device (for example an iPad). No software installation is required as everything is accessible using a web browser.

Your Auditr service is managed for you by the Auditr team – you send us your audits electronically and we build them in your Auditr account. This leaves you free to concentrate on the most important area – designing effective audits.

Report Data

Auditr provides you with immediatereal-time visualisations of your audit data, highlighting trends and enabling you to make comparisonsinstantly.

We work with you to first define your needs and then we create the most appropriate and useful reports for you and your organisation. These include ‘dashboard’ overviews for senior management and more detailed reports for operational managers.

Action on Results

Auditr provides you with tools to ensure your users are alerted when an audit reaches a critical level (of your choosing) and also the ability to make sure that action is taken. These tools ensure that the ‘Audit Loop’ is closed, evidence of action is available, and continuous improvement is made.