How much does an Audit Systems account cost?

To be fair to all of our customers, Audit Systems accounts are priced on the needs and usage of each organisation. We’ll give you a quote when we discuss your needs and estimated usage, and you will be billed annually. Please contact us to find out more.

Can I set up a trial?

Yes. A trial account provides you with the opportunity to get the application (Auditr) up and running within your organisation using any or all of our supplied audits or one of your own. You can sign up for a free Auditr trial by contacting us.

Do we have to be a particular type of organisation to use the Auditr application?

No. Auditr can be used in any type of organisation. It is particularly useful in organisations that have separate sections, for example, departments or branches (one of our customers, for instance, is an ambulance service which has stations distributed over 1000’s of square miles) but please note that Auditr is highly configurable and can be customised for many different environments. Please contact us with your requirements and we will try our best to make sure that Auditr can work for you.

Our organisation is not in the UK does that matter?

Absolutely not. Auditr is a web-based service and that means you, your users/employees/customers can be anywhere in the world.

Why should we choose Auditr as our audit system?

We have built Auditr to be simple, fast, powerful, flexible and secure. But, we feel, of equal importance is the support we provide to all of our customers and that we really do enjoy supporting people who use audits to improve performance. 

What support do you provide?

We will work with you to help ensure that you get the most out of your Auditr account, providing support and technical advice as appropriate. This includes telephone and email support, and we use screencasts showing how to use Auditr so that your users can learn at a time and place of their choice. The Auditr team are passionate about the ways that web-based tools can be used to improve performance in organisations and get an immense satisfaction from helping our customers make the most of these new technologies.

Can we create our own audits and reports?

Yes. We’ll provide you with specifications for audits and reports and then we will build them for you using your content (most of our customers email us their audits in Word or PDF format and we do the rest). This means that your time is spent where it is best used – designing audits that meet your organisation’s needs and leaving the technical development to the Auditr team rather than your hard-pressed IT department.

Do I need to install any software to use Auditr?

Auditr is accessed via a web browser. Users must have Javascript turned on within the browser to view the graphs and charts within the reports. Therefore most Internet users are currently ‘Auditr-ready’.

Is our data secure?

Yes. We use 256-bit SSL technology to encrypt all user’s data (including username and password) and we ensure that your data is backed up every hour and copies kept off-site from our servers.

Are there any limitations to the account?

No. Auditr can be scaled to host massive numbers of users, audits and reports. Your usage and the computing power needed to service it will be reflected in your annual account fee, thus ensuring equity amongst all of our customers and meaning that we can continue to provide the fastest service possible.